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Distance education is an education model that allows students to receive education in various fields without being physically present in a classroom or on campus. This form of education often continues across the internet and other communication technologies. Distance education is used to provide freedom and flexibility, to transcend departmental boundaries and to offer education opportunities suitable for various lifestyles. Distance education is a modern education system in which students and faculty members do not have to come to campus, courses are taught in a completely virtual environment, live, video, audio and interactive, and university education is provided remotely but face-to-face. It is a type of education that is completely independent of time and place.

What advantages does distance education offer us?

1- In the Distance Education System, both lecturers and students do not come to the university or any designated place for education, and do not leave their country or city to attend classes. Wherever in the world everyone enrolled in the program is, on the road, traveling, on vacation, on a business trip, etc. They can attend classes interactively in virtual classrooms using a portable computer with a wireless internet connection.

2- Distance Education System provides the desired university education under very favorable conditions both for those who cannot complete their education due to the intense pace of business life and for students who cannot attend universities in distant cities due to financial difficulties.

3- In virtual lessons, as in formal education, whiteboards, PowerPoint applications, videos, case studies, multimedia tools, animated texts, etc. are used. Many contemporary educational tools are used. In addition, the most prominent model is the teaching model through live broadcasts.

4- Students who cannot attend the lesson on time or want to follow it again can access the lessons recorded in the archive whenever they want, and they can follow the lessons wherever and whenever they want, regardless of time and space limitations.

5- The distance education system also provides serious opportunities for disabled students. Disabled students who cannot receive associate or master's degree education due to transportation problems have the opportunity to attend classes under the same conditions as other students.

Why do we, as Freud University, attach importance to distance education?

One of the main purposes in the development of the Distance Education System is to bring a definitive solution to the issue of "equality of opportunity in education", which has been discussed for a long time in our country. Our university offers a real university education under extremely affordable conditions to both professionals with career goals and students who cannot attend the university they have studied in distant cities due to financial inadequacy. At this point, the distance education model appears as a very useful model for our university.


What distinguishes Freud University from other universities?

As Freud University, we approach the distance education model very effectively and with great importance. In this context, we attach great importance to the quality of our academic staff. Our professors at our university are very effective and experienced professionals in their fields. Therefore, our university differs sharply from other universities at this point. In the distance education system, lessons are held in a virtual classroom environment. Academicians and students can attend classes in the classroom by connecting to the system from any environment with an internet connection. In synchronous classes held in a virtual classroom environment, academics can explain the lesson via video and audio, use a whiteboard, and even share applications saved on their computers with students. Students can also connect to the course via video and audio, ask questions during the course, and share files. Simultaneous lessons are recorded and all students can then follow that lesson again whenever they want, thanks to these recordings. We differ sharply in the way the courses are taught and in how students benefit from these recordings afterwards. As Freud University, we will continue to serve you, our valued students, with the value and effort we give to the distance education model.

What is Distance Education?

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