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Our purpose

  • To create an aesthetic atmosphere of learning, in-depth research and sharing for every student and employee.

  • To support students to become an impressive presence in the international arena by offering a global education within the scope of accredited programs.

  • To turn students equipped with high standards of knowledge into respected leaders in society.

  • To enable students to take active roles in the business world with the qualifications gained.

As Freud University, our approach to education aims to ensure that our students not only gain knowledge but also grow up as thought leaders and global citizens. Our education, shaped in an aesthetic and intellectual atmosphere, offers a journey that adds value to our students' future success and provides a unique perspective.

Freud University is an institution that stands out in the field of higher education with an original and innovative perspective. The distance online education model offers students a unique learning experience by blending the intellectual power of expert academics from various corners of Europe.

With a vision that pushes traditional boundaries, Freud University aims to spread Europe's educational heritage on a global scale through online education and provide a competitive advantage worldwide by equipping its students at international standards.

About us

Freud University is an education center established to enable students and professionals to reach their peaks. It aims to provide a solution for the needs of individuals who do not have the luxury of connecting to traditional educational institutions due to the intense pace of business life, those who cannot cope with the difficulties of university exams, and those who cannot receive the education they want due to geographical limitations.

In its long-term journey in the future, Freud University aims to provide an effective educational experience by touching the lives of its participants and to achieve the following goals:

  • To create an accessible and interactive online learning environment for all students and employees, to share knowledge and encourage research.

  • To offer students the opportunity to be active internationally by gaining a global perspective through internationally accredited programs.

  • To raise students equipped with high standards of knowledge and skills and to bring them to a respected position in society.

  • To support students to take an active role in business life with the qualifications gained.

  • To contribute to the individual, social and economic development of individuals who have abandoned their careers, especially those with spinal cord paralysis and girls who have not had the chance of education due to social restrictions, by bringing them together with education.

In line with this vision, Freud University has the mission of being a leader that makes a difference in the field of education.

Our vision

In line with its original vision, Freud University embraces the mission of providing education at universal standards and preparing these students for business life by embracing individuals who cannot reach equal opportunities due to social, economic and cultural obstacles. This mission aims to provide students with the opportunity to receive education at the time and conditions they want, on an online platform that offers flexibility and freedom.

The strategies Freud University has determined to achieve this mission are as follows:

  • To cooperate with expert academic staff and rich documents to ensure that students achieve the highest level of success.

  • Providing fast and understanding online support to students when educational materials are insufficient.

  • To offer universally valid diplomas using globally accepted academic programs.

  • To offer information sharing and interaction opportunities to students from all corners of the world, with 24-hour uninterrupted high-speed online access.

  • To offer students a comprehensive research platform by creating Turkey's largest online library.

With these strategies, Freud University aims to ensure that its students are at the forefront not only in education but also in the business world as leaders of the future. In this way, it continues its vision of contributing to the training of individuals who are committed to the principle of equality, hungry for knowledge and have a global perspective.

Our Mission

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