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Freud University offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Business Management Program that aims to equip students with the skills to lead, think strategically and manage effectively in the business world.



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Freud University: Doors That Open Your Career!

Freud University is a leading educational institution that combines its educational approach and student-focused services with an innovative approach, guiding students on the path to success in their careers. Our university, named after Sigmund Freud, one of the pioneers of the field of psychology, aims to raise individuals equipped with a knowledge-hungry mentality.

Career Oriented Education:

Freud University is known for the career-oriented education it offers to its students. Our programs are designed to support students in gaining industry-relevant skills and achieving professional success. Our students have the opportunity to start working effectively immediately after graduation by gaining real-world experience in their chosen fields.

Online and Distance Education:

Freud University has an online and distance education system in line with the needs of our age. It aims to embrace talent from around the world by offering flexibility and access to students. Interactive lessons and virtual classes through digital platforms provide our students with the advantage of receiving education from wherever they want.

The Most Comfortable Environments for Personal Development:

Freud University is an educational institution that seeks the most comfortable environments by focusing on the personal and academic development of students. Our modern campus enriches the learning experience by offering students interactive classrooms, research centers and social spaces. Additionally, we support our students every step of the way with consultancy services and student support units.

Freud University has the mission of making a difference around the world by educating individuals who are hungry for knowledge, think critically and can interact on a global scale. If you want to shape your career and improve yourself, Freud University opens its doors to you! Apply today to shape your future and step into a knowledge-hungry future.

Freud University Business Management Undergraduate Program

Freud University offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Business Management Program that aims to equip students with the skills to lead, think strategically and manage effectively in the business world. This program aims to help students effectively adapt to the complexity of the business world by ensuring they graduate equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Basic Elements of the Program:

  1. Basic Business Courses: Students are provided with a broad knowledge of the basic concepts, principles and business functions in the field of business. Students have the chance to understand different aspects of the business world with courses focusing on topics such as finance, marketing, human resources management, and operations management.
  2. Strategic Management: The program aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and management, thus helping students gain the skills necessary to successfully manage businesses.
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Students are informed about innovation and entrepreneurship, and they are supported to develop creative thinking and risk management skills to gain competitive advantage in the business world.
  4. Human Resources Management: Human resources management courses enable students to specialize in human resources management by providing them with skills in effective leadership, team management, workforce planning and motivation.
  5. Applied Project and Internship Opportunities: The program offers students the opportunity to make real connections with the business world, giving them the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice through internships and applied projects.
  6. International Business: In order to gain a competitive advantage in the global business world, international business courses aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in global markets.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of Freud University's Business Management Undergraduate Program can have a variety of career opportunities in a wide range of business sectors. They can step into leadership positions and management roles in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, strategic management and entrepreneurship. They also have the opportunity to start their own business and choose the path of entrepreneurship.

Freud University offers a Bachelor of Business Management program equipped with expert faculty and an up-to-date curriculum to provide students with a strong business foundation, leadership skills and practical experience. This program aims to educate graduates as successful and ethical business leaders by providing students with the tools they need to master the dynamics of the business world.

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